Stop Treating Financial Institutions Like Petty Thieves

The language and complexity of the financial services industry continue to intimidate consumers and prevent them from taking action.

October 2014 |  Read Article

Don’t Allow Slackers to ‘Watch the Bay’

Your agency’s success depends on your ability to root out those employees who are not pulling their weight.

September 2014 |  Read Article

Break into the HR Office

This month’s Last Word is “guest written” by Monty Smith, who may sound familiar.

August 2014 |  Read Article

Fire Up Your Recruiting Model

In order for your agency to attract and cultivate young talent, you need to show job candidates what’s in it for them.

July 2014 |  Read Article

The 59½ Birthday Is More Than One Reason to Celebrate

A novel sales idea relates to the difficult decisions that your clients need to make in planning for retirement.

June 2014 |  Read Article

The Industry Must Remain Vigilant Against Attempts at Taxation

Company-owned life insurance could be the next taxation target for Congress.

May 2014 |  Read Article

From M&A to LTCi: Seven Topics That Crossed My Radar Screen

Notable quotes heard during recent company meetings provide insight into what’s happening in the industry.

April 2014 |  Read Article

Be Proactive in Protecting Your Clients’ Personal Information

The recent rash of data breaches tells us that there are numerous threats to your clients’ personal information.

March 2014 |  Read Article

Remembering a Diamond in the Industry

Looking back on a man who revolutionized the way insurance professionals build their clientele.

February 2014 |  Read Article

A Life Insurance Policy Represents a Promise to Be Kept

With so few products and services living up to their promise, a life insurance policy represents something that is increasingly rare.

January 2014 |  Read Article

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