Trends Impacting Annuity Agents’ Best Practices

From robo-advisors to the fiduciary rule, a look at the best practices that annuity agents and the industry must adopt to serve their customers in a changing environment.

October 2017 |  Read Article

Steering Your Clients Toward Permanent Life

A well-planned permanent life insurance policy could be the key to a family’s present and future financial stability.

September 2017 |  Read Article

Supplementing Retirement Plans With Life Insurance

Clients may think that the funds they have accumulated in their defined contribution plan will be enough to shore up their retirement and take care of their dependents, but they are mistaken.

August 2017 |  Read Article

A Delicate Balance: Technology and Interpersonal Communications

It is possible to maintain a vigorous social media presence and keep on the right side of compliance.

July 2017 |  Read Article

Why Financial Literacy Should Start at Home

Help clients’ children understand the four key areas of personal finance: saving, spending, investing and donating.

June 2017 |  Read Article

Help Clients Tame the Debt Monster

Your clients are unable to reach their financial goals until they face their debt and plan how they will eliminate it.

May 2017 |  Read Article

Retirement Planning the Millennial Way

Millennials have the potential to be the next high-net-worth clients, but they need some help getting started toward building wealth.

April 2017 |  Read Article

Why Gen Y Should Care About Privatizing Income Protection

Individual disability plans are portable and put the insured in control of their recovery. These factors make individual DI an ideal product for the millennial lifestyle.

February 2017 |  Read Article

Helping Clients Achieve Financial Success in 2017

So many clients start the year with good intentions but end up falling behind. Here are some suggestions to help them have a successful new year.

January 2017 |  Read Article

’Tis the Season to Discuss Charitable Gifting

Help your clients develop a strategy that will enable them to give their funds with confidence.

December 2016 |  Read Article

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