Pairing Prospects With Products

Finding consumers who need coverage is not the most significant challenge. The challenge is matching them with the right coverage for their needs.

February 2018 |  Read Article

What Financial Wellness Really Means for Your Clients

Money is the most prevalent source of stress for Americans. Here are some insights on alleviating Americans’ financial distress.

January 2018 |  Read Article

How Digital Tools Help Advisors Cement Post-Sale Relationships

Digital tools can enhance the relationship between advisors and policy owners after the sale; but not all policy owners use those tools in the same way.

December 2017 |  Read Article

A Simple Take on Simplified Issue

Simplified issue life insurance is getting attention from consumers, but carriers need more claims experience with it.

November 2017 |  Read Article

Online Sales: Panacea or Pipe Dream for Life Insurers?

The decision to buy life insurance at all, let alone deciding how to do it, remains the biggest hurdle for consumers.

October 2017 |  Read Article

Turn Those Clichés Around and Grow Your Practice

By flipping the assumptions about life insurance, you can help prospects make an informed decision about buying the coverage that’s right for them.

September 2017 |  Read Article

Millennials Seek Simplicity as They Consider Life Insurance

The millennial generation is all grown up, and they are better prospects for buying life insurance than many expected. But millennials want to keep the buying experience simple.

August 2017 |  Read Article

A Formal Plan: Advisor Priority and Client Confidence Booster

Having a formal, written retirement income plan can be a game-changer in client retirement readiness, and should be a priority of every advisor working with pre-retirees.

July 2017 |  Read Article

Small-Business Perspective of Big Ideas for Retirement

Small-business owners in Connecticut showed guarded interest in a state-run retirement plan for their employees.

June 2017 |  Read Article

Striking the Emotional Spark That Leads to Buying Short-Term DI

LIMRA found that the major challenge carriers face is how to connect with employees emotionally to inspire them to purchase short-term disability insurance.

May 2017 |  Read Article