When Your Client Is Forced Into Early Retirement

For those clients who are forced into an early retirement, financial advisors have to navigate both the emotional and financial fallout, and readjust that client’s retirement plan on the fly. Here are some tips to do that.

October 2017 |  Read Article

How to Keep Splitsville From Leading to Skid Row

Divorce takes an emotional toll on a client, but the effect on their finances can be just as bad. The right advice can help soften the financial blow. Some experts share tips for preparing and protecting a client headed for splitsville.

October 2017 |  Read Article

A Retirement Portfolio for Clients Who Can’t Retire

How does an advisor plan for the client who wants to work in retirement? Such a plan can improve the retirement outlook, but the pitfalls include unrealistic expectations.

September 2017 |  Read Article

Five Financial Risks That Communicate Urgency

Establish a risk management plan for clients to weather market cycles.

September 2017 |  Read Article

Emerging Markets: Advisors, Pay Heed Before Setting Sail

Emerging markets are the place to be in 2017, as long as investors stay diversified, keep an eye on rates, and cap their portfolio allotment, one advisor said.

August 2017 |  Read Article

Advisory Fees Resist Downward Pressure in 2017, Despite Fears

A report cites some “compression” in the investment advisory space — but not for the reasons industry professionals may think.

August 2017 |  Read Article

How Advisors Can Turn the Tide on Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than just having a will. Here is how advisors can help address the roadblocks in the planning process.

July 2017 |  Read Article

Four in 10 Say They Need $1 Million to Retire Happy

Financial advisors are on the hot spot with many clients who don’t have near $1 million in their retirement savings.

July 2017 |  Read Article

Prepare Your Clients to Retire Early With This Checklist

Many clients dream of an early retirement, but they may not have considered the harsh realities of leaving the workforce early. Here is how you can help them prepare.

July 2017 |  Read Article

The Top 3 Prospect Attractors

Prospects consider several characteristics when choosing an advisor, but some qualities particularly stand out.

June 2017 |  Read Article

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